Time Zone Abbreviations

List of time zone names and their short form (acronyms)

GMT/UTC time differences or offsets

Check the table for the full name of world time zones and their abbreviated form, in alphabetical order, as well as GMT/UTC offset values. Please advise us of any changes using the feedback form at the bottom of this page.

Note: Certain abbreviations are used for different time zones, e.g IST is either India Standard Time or Irish Summer Time or Israel Standard Time. In some cases, when a country has multiple time zones, only the link to the general time page will be available, e.g Australia.

Clocks displayed for a certain time zone or country always show the current time for that area, adjusted automatically for local Daylight Saving Time (DST) rules. Click on a time zone link to view the time.

AbbrNameGMT/UTC offset
ACDTAustralian Central Daylight TimeGMT/UTC+10:30
ACSTAustralian Central Standard TimeGMT/UTC+9:30
ADTAtlantic Daylight TimeGMT/UTC−3
ASTAtlantic Standard TimeGMT/UTC−4
AEDTAustralian Eastern Daylight TimeGMT/UTC+11
AESTAustralian Eastern Standard TimeGMT/UTC+10
AWDTAustralian Western Daylight TimeGMT/UTC+9
AWSTAustralian Western Standard TimeGMT/UTC+8
AFTAfghanistan TimeGMT/UTC+4:30
AKDTAlaska Daylight TimeGMT/UTC−8
AKSTAlaska Standard TimeGMT/UTC−9
AMTArmenia TimeGMT+4
ARTArgentina TimeGMT/UTC−3
ASTArabia Standard Time (Riyadh, Baghdad)GMT/UTC+3
AWDTAustralian Western Daylight TimeGMT/UTC+9
AWSTAustralian Western Standard TimeGMT/UTC+8
AZOSTAzores Summer TimeGMT/UTC−1
AZTAzerbaijan TimeGMT/UTC+4
BNTBrunei TimeGMT/UTC+8
BIOTBritish Indian Ocean TimeGMT/UTC+6
BITBaker Island TimeGMT/UTC−12
BOTBolivia TimeGMT/UTC−4
BRTBrasilia Time (Sao Paulo, Rio De Janeiro)GMT/UTC−3
BSTBangladesh Standard TimeGMT/UTC+6
BSTBritish Summer TimeGMT/UTC+1
BTTBhutan TimeGMT/UTC+6
CATCentral Africa TimeGMT/UTC+2
CCTCocos Islands TimeGMT/UTC+6:30
CDTCentral Daylight Time (North America)GMT/UTC−5
CESTCentral European Summer TimeGMT/UTC+2
CETCentral European Standard TimeGMT/UTC+1
CHADTChatham Daylight TimeGMT/UTC+13:45
CHASTChatham Standard TimeGMT/UTC+12:45
CISTClipperton Island Standard TimeGMT/UTC−8
CKTCook Island TimeGMT/UTC−10
CLSTChile Summer TimeGMT/UTC−3
CLTChile Standard TimeGMT/UTC−4
COTColombia TimeGMT/UTC−5
CSTCentral Standard Time (North America)GMT/UTC−6
CSTChina Standard TimeGMT/UTC+8
CVTCape Verde TimeGMT/UTC−1
CXTChristmas Island TimeGMT/UTC+7
CHSTChamorro Standard TimeGMT/UTC+10
DFTAIX specific equivalent of Central European TimeGMT/UTC+1
EASTEaster Island Standard TimeGMT/UTC−6
EATEast Africa TimeGMT/UTC+3
ECTEastern Caribbean TimeGMT/UTC−4
ECTEcuador TimeGMT/UTC−5
EDTEastern Daylight Time (North America)GMT/UTC−4
EETEastern European TimeGMT/UTC+2
EESTEastern European Summer TimeGMT/UTC+3
ESTEastern Standard Time (North America)GMT/UTC−5
FJTFiji Standard TimeGMT/UTC+12
FKTFalkland Islands TimeGMT/UTC−3
GALTGalapagos TimeGMT/UTC−6
GETGeorgia Standard TimeGMT/UTC+4
GFTFrench Guiana TimeGMT/UTC−3
GILTGilbert Island TimeGMT/UTC+12
GITGambier Island TimeGMT/UTC−9
GMTGreenwich Mean TimeGMT/UTC+0
GSTSouth Georgia and the South Sandwich IslandsGMT/UTC−2
GSTGulf Standard Time (Abu Dhabi)GMT/UTC+4
GYTGuyana TimeGMT/UTC−4
HADTHawaii-Aleutian Daylight TimeGMT/UTC−9
HAECHeure Avancée d'Europe Centrale French for CESTGMT/UTC+2
HASTHawaii-Aleutian Standard TimeGMT/UTC−10
HKTHong Kong TimeGMT/UTC+8
HMTHeard and McDonald Islands TimeGMT/UTC+5
HSTHawaii Standard TimeGMT/UTC−10
ICTIndochina TimeGMT/UTC+7
IDTIsrael Daylight TimeGMT/UTC+3
IRKTIrkutsk TimeGMT/UTC+8
IRSTIran Standard TimeGMT/UTC+3:30
ISTIndia Standard TimeGMT/UTC+5:30
ISTIrish Summer TimeGMT/UTC+1
ISTIsrael Standard TimeGMT/UTC+2
JSTJapan Standard TimeGMT/UTC+9
KRATKrasnoyarsk Time (Russia time zone 6)GMT/UTC+7
KSTKorea Standard TimeGMT/UTC+9
LHSTLord Howe Standard TimeGMT/UTC+10:30
LINTLine Islands TimeGMT/UTC+14
MAGTMagadan Time (Russia time zone 10)GMT/UTC+11
MDTMountain Daylight Time (North America)GMT/UTC−6
METMiddle European Time (same as CET)GMT/UTC+1
MESTMiddle European Saving Time (same as CEST)GMT/UTC+2
MITMarquesas Islands TimeGMT/UTC−9:30
MSKMoscow Standard Time (Russia time zone 2)GMT/UTC+3
MST (MYT)Malaysia Standard TimeGMT/UTC+8
MSTMountain Standard Time (North America)GMT/UTC−7
MSTMyanmar Standard TimeGMT/UTC+6:30
MUTMauritius TimeGMT/UTC+4
MYTMalaysian TimeGMT/UTC+8
NDTNewfoundland Daylight TimeGMT/UTC−2:30
NFTNorfolk TimeGMT/UTC+11:30
NPTNepal TimeGMT/UTC+5:45
NSTNewfoundland Standard TimeGMT/UTC−3:30
NZDTNew Zealand Daylight TimeGMT/UTC+13
NZSTNew Zealand Standard TimeGMT/UTC+12
OMSTOmsk Time (Russia zone 5)GMT/UTC+6
PDTPacific Daylight Time  (North America)GMT/UTC−7
PETTKamchatka Time (Russia time zone 11)GMT/UTC+12
PHOTPhoenix Island TimeGMT/UTC+13
PKTPakistan Standard TimeGMT/UTC+5
PSTPacific Standard Time (North America)GMT/UTC−8
PHTPhilippines Standard TimeGMT/UTC+8
RETRéunion TimeGMT/UTC+4
SAMTSamara Time (Russia time zone 3)GMT/UTC+4
SASTSouth African Standard TimeGMT/UTC+2
SBTSolomon Islands TimeGMT/UTC+11
SCTSeychelles TimeGMT/UTC+4
SGTSingapore TimeGMT/UTC+8
SLTSri Lanka TimeGMT/UTC+5:30
SSTSamoa Standard TimeGMT−11
SST (same as SGT)Singapore Standard TimeGMT/UTC+8
TAHTTahiti TimeGMT/UTC−10
THAThailand Standard TimeGMT/UTC+7
UYSTUruguay Summer Time (not in use)GMT/UTC−2
UYTUruguay Standard TimeGMT/UTC−3
VETVenezuela Standard TimeGMT/UTC−4
VLATVladivostok Time (Russia time zone 9)GMT/UTC+10
WATWest Africa TimeGMT/UTC+1
WESTWestern European Summer TimeGMT/UTC+1
WETWestern European Standard TimeGMT/UTC+0
YAKTYakutsk Time (Russia time zone 8)GMT/UTC+9
YEKTYekaterinburg Time (Russia time zone 4)GMT/UTC+5

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